With the addition of moving platforms, there are now issues with calculating collisions between things and entities. These problems were essentially non-existent for static objects, or were subtle enough to be considered problems

The first problem was blocking vertical movement. During the collision, the entities were able to stop in the horizontal position, but they either fell vertically or blocked completely and it was impossible to move at all.

Another problem was that the existing system could not be applied to moving objects that did not calculate collisions at all, or were computationally demanding and buggy.

So now the foundations have been laid for a new system of calculating collisions between things and entities. Static objects already detect collisions from all sides 90% reliably. moving objects are so far only functional if both the entity and the object are moving. If the entity stands still, then the object passes through it, or they cause bugs. This will be the subject of further development. At the same time, it is not yet possible to "surf" on these objects to use them as transporters or elevators